Harry Styles' "Falling" music video will make your heart ache for him.

The former One Direction singer released the stunning visuals for his fourth single, off of his chart-topping Fine Line album, on Friday morning (February 28) — and it's one his most emotional music videos yet.

In it, a heartbroken Styles plays the piano as he addresses the end of his relationship. As he sings the powerful lyrics, which are rumored to be about ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe, water begins to fill up the room and eventually, Styles sinks to the bottom, essentially drowning in his emotions and regret over the painful breakup.

"I'm in my bed/And you're not here/And there's no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands," he croons. "Forget what I said/It's not what I meant/And I can't take it back/I can't unpack the baggage you left."

The most heartbreaking part of the video comes when Styles is immersed in the water and just when you think he's going to swim to the top for air, he lets himself fall before closing his eyes and letting his pain take over him.

The 26-year-old musician's heartbreaking performance left fans in tears.

Check out Harry Styles' "Falling" music video, below:

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