Aaahhh... Spring in Maine.

When I got home after work yesterday, I was excited to throw the windows open and let some of the fresh, spring air into the house. After a long winter, I just wanted to finally get a solid chance to let some sunshine and a light breeze take the stuffy scent of winter out. But no, it was not meant to be.

When I first got in, as always, I took the dog out to do some business. Initially, I thought maybe I'd stepped in something undesirable, but then I noticed the smell just kind of hung in the air. Then a subtle little breeze kicked up and I knew that the smell was not coming from anywhere in my yard. It was coming from everywhere.

My whole house smelled like a barn.

In an instant, I knew exactly what was happening. By some standards, I don't live way out in the country, but by Hampden standards, I'm practically in Newburgh. In almost every direction from my house, there's a farm within a five-minute drive. I can easily think of half a dozen of them in a 5-mile radius.

Well, this time of year, the farmers need to fertilize, and when it's fresh and there's a bit of a breeze, we all get to enjoy the barn-y smell of manure being spread. Last spring, I happened to drive by a tractor that had a special setup that basically sprayed liquified manure all over a nearby field. It was nauseating on every level.

However, let's be fair. A farmer needs to fertilize, and if all I have to put up with is the annual smell of poopy air, I'm happy to do it. Everyone needs to make a living, and I would never stand in the way of that. But yeah, I'm still not sure which is worse, thinking I'm smelling poop on my shoe, or smelling it everywhere for miles. Well, at least the field poop I don't have to clean up...


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