Halsey performed in Mansfield, Massachusetts last night

Just hours before she was planning on strolling into New England for her scheduled show at the Xfinity Center down in Mansfield, Massachusetts last night (Wednesday, June 1), Halsey took to Twitter to equal parts hype up her upcoming show as well as take a jab at our Boston Celtics, who kick off their appearance in the NBA Finals tonight against the Golden State Warriors.

Now, whether or not she realized her city-naming mistake or she immediately got roasted by the millions and millions of Massh*les who take uber pride in their respective areas (as they should) -- and let's be real, it's Massachusetts so it was without a doubt the latter -- just three minutes after that original Tweet, Halsey quickly corrected the location of where she would be performing in Mass with this NSFW (due to language) tweet.

Halsey has good reason to hate the Celtics -- her birthplace

Randomly bashing the Celtics while correcting the location on where she was performing seemed SUPER random, but when you realize where Halsey was born and grew up, it makes total sense. According to her IMDb page, Halsey was born in Edison, New Jersey back in 1994. Couple her birthplace with the fact that, as mentioned on her IMDb page, she spent a lot of time in Brooklyn as she grew up, and the fact that there's the New England/Tri-States rivalry, and of course she's going to hate on the C's.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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Plus, wouldn't you be upset if you were her and spent the afternoon walking around Salem, Massachusetts, probably seeing and hearing Celtics NBA Finals chatter, knowing the C's eliminated your childhood team, the Brooklyn Nets, from the playoffs, and your current go-to, the Los Angeles Lakers, weren't even good enough to make the playoffs this year? (Just 14 years after the Celtics beat them for the NBA Championship back in 2008)

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