Governor Mills Announced on Friday that the state will drop the indoor mask requirement for fully vaccinated Mainers.

The change will become effective on May 24th, which is the same day capacity restrictions are being dropped for indoor and outdoor events. In addition, physical distancing will no longer be required in businesses like restaurants and bars, where patrons would be removing their face coverings. It's recommended that residents who are not fully vaccinated wear face coverings in indoor public settings.

Governor Mills says the changes are aligned with the United State Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new guidelines. They will still require people to wear masks on all planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.

"After a review of the new guidance, we are adopting the U.S. CDC's recommendations, and we continue to strongly urge all Maine people to get their shots." Governor Mills said in a media briefing. "There are appointments available across the state right now. As we get back to normal, rolling up your sleeve is going to ensure you stay healthy and alive."

Mainers who have not been vaccinated can schedule an appointment online or by calling 1-888-445-4111.

In addition, the State of Maine will begin retiring its COVID-19 Prevention Checklists and transition to U.S. CDC guidelines, as appropriate. The Maine Department of Education's requirements and recommendations for schools, along with other Federal requirements, remain in effect at this time.

Governor Mills says businesses and other organizations may, consistent with legal obligations, require proof of vaccination from their employees and/or clients in order to avoid wearing a mask.

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