Wow...Doesn't this look delicious!

Remember when the entire state of Maine was buzzing over Gordon Ramsay sightings in Trenton back in September of 2020? Turns out it was all a part of his show, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The episode then later debuted on the National Geographic Channel, featuring classic Maine dishes.

On "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," the celeb chef travels the world, meeting with locals to learn about their foods and cultures. He also samples dishes, and of course, does some cooking of his own.

Back then, he uploaded a clip from that show on his YouTube channel, and it is a doozy. Imagine the ultimate lobster BLT sandwich, made with local bacon, local lobster, seaweed butter, eggs, and two mouth-watering pieces of bread.

The coolest part of all is that he is making this tasty treat at the iconic Marshall Point Lighthouse, which is at the entrance of Port Clyde Harbor in Port Clyde, Maine. The light station was established in 1832 and is truly one of Maine's most breathtaking locations.

You might also remember Marshall Point Lighthouse on the big screen, where the wooden catwalk served as the end of Forrest Gump's run across the USA

While he was here, he spotted at several places, including Trenton, at Big Cat Catering, and Portland, for breakfast at the Porthole Restaurant & Pub.

He also posted another video from his time at Marshall Point Lighthouse, where he whipped up a lobster omelet.

You can catch episodes of Uncharted on Disney+ or The National Geographic Channel.

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