I am not great when it comes to directions, to be honest, I am horrible at even knowing the street names around where I live. Unfortunately, it has always been this way. Don't get me wrong, I know my way to and from places I frequent (like work and local stores), but I could not tell you what roads or highways I drive on.

Just like anyone that gets lost, or just doesn't know how to get somewhere, I use an app that tells me where something is or tells me how to actually get to my destination. One of the big websites and apps used is Google Maps or Google Earth. Why is this a useful thing to use? Well, that's because they actually take pictures so you can see where places actually are, they are not just a dot on a map, you are actually able to see the building.

Sometimes we can catch Google cameras driving around, but as they drive, they always take pictures of people that do not intend on being photographed. Because of the cars that drive around as well as the footage Google Earth gets from space, we can come across plenty of strange things when we are looking around on the site.

Now, even though Maine is known to have multiple UFO sightings, imagine trying to figure out where something is, and seeing something that is not from this world.

According to News 18, Crystal Patterson was using the Google Earth app to find a garage sale in Mapleton, Maine. While Patterson was finding the address, she saw something out of the ordinary. One car driving had something rather interesting which of course, made Patterson zoom in more.

At first, it looked like the driver was naked, but things got even weirder (yes, so weird, it was out of this world).

Patterson swears that she saw an alien riding in the back seat of this PT Cruiser and posted a picture to figure out what it was, "Can someone please tell me what I'm looking at in the backseat?"

Was there really an alien in the backseat, no probably not. I mean who would just pick up an alien hitchhiker on the side of the road (or is an alien's chauffeur)?

Whether it was an alien or not, it was not easy to make out WHAT exactly is in that photo.

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