We love a good happy ending!

This past Thursday we told you that an 8 week-old puppy had gone missing from a home on the North Lagrange Road in Bradford. The Siberian Husky puppy had been missing since 9 Wednesday night.

Various online posts about Nova, the missing puppy, had been shared thousands of times by concerned animal lovers in an effort to find the lost dog.

Tonight Kassidy Dugan, the dog's owner, shared the good news that the pup had been found.  A tracker and his dog trailed the lost puppy 3.12 miles before finally finding it 427 yards into the woods behind the Dugan's home.

Hundreds from across the state and beyond have shared their happiness and relief that the dog had been found by leaving comments behind on Miss Dugan's Facebook post.

What a bright light in darker times and a fabulous way to end up the week!

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