I think we can all agree, the wind these past few days has been ridiculous! Super powerful gusts have been blowing everything from garbage cans to old Christmas decorations from one town to the next! And if you had the misfortune of having your trash day land on of of these blustery days, even if you did take extra precautions to weigh down your bins, stuff still blew about!

So picture this, I'm sitting at my desk at the house this morning, looking out my window, which faces the street, when I see the contents of my recycling bin go rolling down the street with a gust of wind. I had waited till this morning to put it curbside, and even tried to put the heaviest items on top of stuff I thought would take to the air, if a gust hit it. So aggravated that my plan didn't work, I went to put my boots on and chase down the items that were blowing around the neighborhood.

When I went back to my desk to get my keys (a move I had to make because my 3-year-old likes to lock me out of the house, when given the chance) and I saw the garbage truck parked out in front of my house. I watched as the driver got out of the truck, and carefully collected the recyclables that had blow about, and put them back in my bin.

Now, he did not need to do that. It was freezing cold, and I am sure "rubbish chasing" is not in his job description. But he did it anyway. It was a very simple act of kindness for which I was very appreciative. I made sure to open my window and yell out a thank you to him and his truck-mates. Not only did he do the right thing, which so many people tend to skip over when they're in a hurry, or its inconvenient, but he saved me from leaving my little one in the house to run after it myself, something this momma is also grateful for.

So, I wanted to make sure to take a minute to thank all those, like this trash-truck driver, who go above and beyond. Its little moments of decency that add up and help us all survive our days. And to honor his act of kindness, I picked up the coffee tab of the person behind me on the way in to work. Kindness inspired kindness. The circle continues. Thank you.

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