The Glenburn School chess team won the Maine Scholastic Team Chess Championships for 2022.

They won the state and now it is on to the national finals in Grapevine, Texas at the end of this month.

Before that trip happens, they made a closer trip -- to Augusta.

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The Glenburn Chess Team was invited by the Maine House of Representative Abbie Griffin, to receive what they call a Sentiment awarded by the House of Representatives in honor of winning the Scholastic State Middle School Chess Championship.

Representative Abigail Griffin represents District 102 and was once a teacher in Glenburn.  She spoke about the team on the House floor during a session last Tuesday, April 5, sharing a story about her time teaching and also celebrating Coach Cassidy’s involvement and success leading the chess team for many years.

Courtesy Angela Pratt
Courtesy Angela Pratt

While the Middle schoolers were on a tour, Governor Mills came into the area and chatted with the team.

Courtesy Nina Fisher
Courtesy Nina Fisher

The Governor is proud.

State House of Representatives is proud.

Coach Coleman is proud.

And Glenburn and all of Maine are proud of the team..

Winning Glenburn School its first-ever state championship in chess is only the beginning.

Now it is off to Texas for the National Middle School championship.

The Glenburn School Chess team is raising money to get the chess club to the National Championship tournament in late April.

The team is still raising funds via a Go Fund Me page.

Or, if you would like to participate in getting these kids to Texas for the tournament, you can write a check to Glenburn School and in the Memo section write Chess Club, and then mail or drop off the check to the school at 991 Hudson Rd, Glenburn ME 04401.

We all are with you, all the way.

Jennifer Babcock
Jennifer Babcock

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