If you love yard sales, you won't want to miss Orrington's Endless Yard Sale, that's scheduled for the weekend of July 17th.

It's a weekend that yard sale enthusiasts look forward to all year long. Over a three-day period, residents of Orrington put up the folding tables, stock up on one-and-five dollar bills to make change, and sell their used stuff to treasure hunters. Anyone in the town who wants to take part with a sale can do it, for free. There are some areas where you can literally walk from one sale to the next as neighbors offer up a wide variety of items, from furniture to baby clothes, used instruments to electronics, and everything in between. The sale is so big that the town gives away maps, so you can find all the bargain spots.

I've lived in Orrington for nearly 9 years, and I swear this sale gets bigger and better every year. It wouldn't surprise me to find out the population of our little town more than doubles during that weekend. And the traffic! But it's all worth it to be able to find that perfect organizer for your pantry or accent table for the foyer. We have a lot of friendly people in Orrington who welcome browsers as well as buyers. Just don't park on the lawn and look twice before running across the road.

There's been a lot of concern this year that the yard sales wouldn't be happening because of the pandemic. But Orringtonites (Orringtonians? Orringtoners?) are hearty folk who decided the outdoor marketplaces could still go on, along with several other events that are planned during the annual Old Home Week celebration. So, get ready to pack up some snacks, water, and hand sanitizer and join us in Orrington the weekend of July 17th for the biggest yard sale you've ever seen. If you want more information or want to sign up to hold a yard sale at your house, you'll find it on the Orrington Old Home Week Facebook page. 

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