Have Halsey and G-Eazy rekindled their relationship?

In a photo obtained by TMZ (see it here), the former couple can be seen holding hands while exiting Travis Scott's VMAs after-party at 1 OAK in New York City. According to the outlet, G-Eazy started the night off solo at Beauty & Essex, where Jennifer Lopez was hosting her post-show shindig, but reportedly left 1 OAK with Halsey after hopping in a car with her around 4:40 a.m.

Halsey and the 29-year-old rapper broke up in July after about a year of dating. Halsey later seemed to imply G-Eazy had cheated on her via Twitter, and mere days after announcing the split, broke down crying during a Michigan concert. Later that month, she also told an Atlantic City crowd she'd recently learned not to ever "sleep with an ex." She didn't specify which ex she was referring to, though it seems likely it was G-Eazy.

Still, the pair seem to have remained on good terms, as Halsey jokingly commented on one of his Instagram photos just a few weeks ago. So now the question is: Are she and G-Eazy back together, or is she simply going back on her "don't sleep with an ex" rule?

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