For the first time in their 60 year history, Funtown Splashtown won't be open this summer.


Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA


News Center Maine reported that Funtown Splashtown is one of the biggest amusement parks and employer of teenage workers in Maine.

But thanks to the coronavirus, they won't be opening according to the owner Kevin Cormier.

They made the decision on Wednesday because of the changing rules that includes limits on gatherings through June. That impacts hiring temporary workers through the J-1 Visa Program.

Kevin told the news station that they just wouldn't be able to be ready to open in time and have decided to stay closed.

Funtown started as a drive in restaurant, with his brother-in-law opening up a mini-golf course next door. Then came go karts and batting cages, an archery range. Over the years they added the rides and rides and bumper cars...and fun.

The owner, Kevin Cormier, told News Center Maine, that if COVID-19 goes into 2021, they may be forced to close the park for good.

Please coronavirus, we can't lose Funtown - so don't stick around for another year.



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