The Coronavirus has thrown the world a massive curve-ball. How you choose to catch that curve-ball can determine if you'll win or lose in this game of life.

For me, after taking all the necessary precautions to keep my family, friends and neighbors safe, I am choosing to look at this situation as a time to get creative; As if the Universe just put us all in a mandatory time-out, and is forcing us to slow down and take a beat.

In the past week, there's been a bunch of online chatter about ideas to help folks who are home with their kids.

But what about the grown-ups? Especially those who are not only probably working from home but also trying to educate their kids at the same time. These guys will  definitely will need a break--but since they can't go out to get one, what can they do?

I may have some solutions for you! Here are a few ideas of free things for big people to do for a break while they self-isolate to avoid Covid-19.

Work Your Body: First of all, with a lot of gyms shutting down, a lot of adults who use exercise as a way to not only stay fit but relieve stress, no longer have that as an option. With that in mind, the website has a bunch of free-online workout options!

To Work Your Brain: Sure, you can binge-watch 15 hours of Asian Romantic Ninja Stories (They exist. My dad may or may not be doing this as we speak. I'm totally not judging him.) But if you'd like to offer your brain a little exercise, you my want to check this site out. From the website, here's a list of 450 college courses you could take, from Ivy League schools, mind you, all for free!

Do Something You'd Probably Never Do In Your Ordinary Life: Maybe you've always wanted to take in a show at the Met, but have never had the opportunity (or budget) to do so? Well, you're in luck! According to, "he Metropolitan Opera will host “Nightly Met Opera Streams” on its official website to audiences worldwide." Last I checked, quite a few folks were taking advantage of these shows, which start broadcasting at 7:30 ET. So if you're able to download their App, you might cut down on any chance of delay.

Take In Some Culture: You know the best part of touring a museum virtually? You'd think it might be the lack of crowds, or absence of that one corny-joke-telling tour guide. And while those things are pluses, I think the best part of a virtual tour is that you can take it in your PJs, whilst eating a sandwich and not having an anxiety attack over the thought that you might trip and fall and somehow ruin a priceless piece of art. (Not that I ever have thoughts like that....ok, that's all I think about when I'm at a museum because gravity and I aren't friends.) Thankfully, has compiled a list of some pretty cool museums that you can tour right from your couch!

Go Down A Beneficial Rabbit Hole: One of the most comprehensive lists of not only museums and art collections, but digital archives and libraries you have at your disposal can be found on the website, The Museum Computer Network has put together an "The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections." All of the sights listed are free to access. You could literally spend hours rabbit holing down something other than Youtube videos of cats knocking things off of things (not to say that isn't entertaining, but does it benefit your brain after 10 hours? Probably not.)

Whatever you choose to do, know this: this is a time of complete uncertainty, anxiety, frustration and fear...for everyone. We're all wondering what will come "after all of this settles down"--whenever that may be. What we do know right now is we have to isolate. There's really no other choice. So let's make the best of this time we have, and be kind to one another and keep our brains and spirits strong.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a sandwich and tour The Louvre!

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