I'm a sucker for free AND educational stuff for the kids and this holiday you and I can share a fun resource that kid's worldwide can enjoy, learn from and keep busy with during the upcoming Christmas vacation.

Check out this incredible feature on Google called Santa's Village.

You may have heard about it before because it's been around for fifteen years(!) but I've either been in the dark or oblivious (chances are both).  BUT, I checked it out and have lost some of my work day exploring all these activities offered for FREE through Google.

There are two dozen activities to try that include learning coding (which doesn't seem confusing or like a chore), create artwork, learn geography, just to name a few.

There are even teacher's lesson plans available that I plan on downloading and seeing if I can task my kids with some of this stuff.

Check out the video below of me venturing through the activities... I can't believe this is my job!!!

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