I'm sure you've seen the memes going around on Facebook etc, declaring to the world it's a "palindrome" week on the calendar. Or as I like to call it, "Calen-drome" week. Haha. I know, horrible joke, but the best puns usually are.

But basically, it means that when you read the date, like today for instance... 9/11/19, it's the same backwards and frontwards. And it happens every day for the next several days.

We'll get a short break from it in 2020 kinda, because most folks don't put a zero in front of single digit numbers. Like no one would normally write 02/22/20. Not saying no one will, but I feel like it's a stretch. But I would imagine in December of 2021, it'll pick up again.

It's just a fun little thing to entertain yourself with. Like the first time you discover that the first letter of all months from June to November, spell the name Jason. Well, I guess I was pumped when I discovered that. Even if no one else cared.

Anyhoo, enjoy your "calen-drome" week. It'll be gone before you know it.

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