A former candidate for the position of Washington County Sheriff is facing more charges after already being arrested for furnishing drugs to a teenager.

Jeffrey Bishop of Cherryfield resigned his position with the Calais Police Department prior to the original drug charges, which were issued in February. He's alleged to have provided hydrocodone and fentanyl to a 17-year-old girl, an exchange that allegedly took place from his cruiser in the Narraguagus High School parking lot.

On Wednesday, he was indicted on a total of 35 charges, including four counts of aggravated furnishing drugs, one charge of unlawful trafficking in drugs, five counts of stealing drugs from the Calais Police Department, as well as 24 charges related to 16 stolen firearms allegedly found in his home. The BDN reports some of the firearms were taken from residents in communities where he worked as a law enforcement officer. The 53-year-old has worked for 10 different law enforcement or correctional agencies in Hancock and Washington counties, since 1995. Bishop turned himself in on Friday morning, after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Also facing charges, in connection with this case, is Jamie Denbow, who had worked as an officer with the Baileyville Police Department. Police say Denbow allegedly bought one of the stolen firearms from Bishop and then sold it to a Game Warden.

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