The Brownville Deer Pantry is looking for donations to help feed the deer this winter.

Here's the link to 6 different You Tube channels they broadcast. Nice to see the deer so relaxed and calm. And up close too.  Any deer I see is when I'm driving and they're along the side of the road and rightfully fearful of the way I drive. Or if they wander onto the property looking for an apple that I should have picked up off the ground before the snow fell.

The Brownville Food Pantry for Deer feeds wild deer. It's not a deer farm. The Pantry comes up with 400 pounds of native oats per day to sustain the population of wild deer. Amazing. It started with just a few deer years ago, and now 100+ deer are fed every morning.

You Tube

Where is everybody?  Oh well, I see them later. More for me.

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A little late night dinner.  Dining after it gets dark used to be only for rich people.

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You know you're in Maine when good people are stepping up and making sure the wild deer have enough to eat each and every winter. Wanna help.  Here's the Go Fund Me link

How to avoid hitting a deer and what to do if you do