Do’s first. Do be early. There might well be lines to check in.  And lines to clear security.

Do be nice. It’ll land well with those you encounter, but it’ll help you not get stressed too.

Do be thankful. You’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving. To see family and friends, or maybe a vacation getaway. Do be do be do.

Now the don’ts.  Please see the line about being nice above before proceeding.

Don’t eat salty foods before going to the airport.

Thinkstock Getty Images
Thinkstock Getty Images

It’s common for fliers to get dehydrated while flying. And the dry air in the cabin doesn’t help. A meal or snack that is high in sodium can make it worse.

Don’t drink carbonated beverages.

Drink Up
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Cabin pressure changes can make you feel bloated or gassy. Isn’t that a pleasant thought? Carbonated drinks can add to that unpleasant feeling.

Ready for an exception to the rule. If you are feeling nauseous because of motion sickness or turbulence, carbonated beverages can help. Ginger ale is the choice of many moms.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

If you are not feeling well before leaving for the airport, it would be wise to consider not flying that day.

Just a couple more ‘don’ts’ you don’t want to hear.

Drinking alcohol on an airplane has a different effect on your body than at ground level.

Composition with bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages.
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At high altitudes, you’ll feel tipsy more quickly, and you’ll have to use the restroom more often too. When you are in the window or middle seat,  “Excuse me, Can I get you to get up and let me out yet again, I have to go tinkle” gets old fast.

Don‘t overdo it on the coffee drinking.

Pavel Timofeyev Getty Images

Coffee can dehydrate you in an already dry environment and the diuretic effect can lead to more trips to the, as they call them on airplanes, lavatory.

Last do. Do have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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