This 360 VR experience is as scary as it gets!

The latest version of Stephen King's 'IT' is set to hit theatres soon and evil clowns are the talk of the town! Especially in Maine towns as some of the scenes from the trailers show a scenery very similar to the view Mainers have everyday. Of course with exception to the sewers.

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like down in the old tunnels under Bangor's streets, we imagine this is it! Just watch out for the evil clown, Pennywise!

This experience is best seen through special VR headsets but also work well on smart phones and using the 360 feature you can move the picture around with your mouse on your computer.

You begin your journey in the dark streets of Derry and end up underground in a maze of dark sewer tunnels. But watch out, you are not alone! Make sure you have the sound on for the full effect.

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