Who doesn't love a good, solid life hack?

I admit it. I can be easily swayed into "useful" clickbait on the internet. Not the kind that infects your computer with viruses or anything, but I'm often quite apt to click on an article that says something like, "100 Photos Of Guinea Pigs Acting Like Dogs" or "These 40 Celebrities Had No Idea Their Moms Were Polish". You get the idea...

So if you've got an article full of life hacks, you bet your bottom dollar I'm probably going to click right through that link and see how to make my life better. Much was the case when I saw this News Center post from a while back. It's a bunch of life hacks from the Old Farmer's Almanac and I was immediately intrigued.

Until things took a hard left turn...

There were great tips for keeping your beverages cold, cleaning your grill with an onion, and properly cooking vegetables. All of which I was totally on board with. For instance, they recommend using frozen coffee cubes for your iced coffee to keep it from getting diluted. Seems reasonable enough, right?

Sounds great! Fish on the top rack, leaking its oozy juices all over my "clean" dishes. Who comes up with this crap?

But would you double wrap fish, and stick it in your dishwasher? I mean... whaaaaat?! There are so many things wrong here, like all the flags should be thrown on this play. First of all, my dishwasher runs for nearly two hours. Who wants any piece of fish that's been cooked for two hours. It'd be wet fish leather when it came out.

Also, no matter how tight you wrap that, it will leak juice, and your dishwasher will smell like low tide on a hot day. The hack literally states that you put it on the top rack while you run a cycle. What?!?! Sounds great! Fish on the top rack, leaking its oozy juices all over my "clean" dishes. Who comes up with this crap?

Never will I ever...

I'll cook meat on an engine block (been there, not bad), I'll fry an egg on the sidewalk for science, but if think I'll ever get on board with this dishwasher to "fishwasher" idea, forget it. Some ideas are best left unsaid. Check out more of their life hacks right here. But don't say I didn't warn you.


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