An early morning fire that started in a cabin near the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse Monday morning has been ruled an accident.

According to WABI-TV, a family had been living at the cabin when the fire broke out,

"The cabin had been used as a rental property for current and retired personnel of the Naval station the lighthouse is on. A family of four was staying in the cabin at the time of the fire and they called 9-1-1 after being awoken by alarms."

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Fire crews from several neighboring departments were called in to help fight the blaze. A firefighter from the Lamoine Volunteer Fire Department said the fire was particularly tricky to attack because of how old the building was and how well it was constructed.

According to Maine Public Safety Spokesperson, Shannon Moss, the State Fire Marshall's Office has ruled the fire was accidental.

"It started in the ventilation fan located in the ceiling in a bathroom."

Prospect Harbor Fire, Stu Marckoon
Prospect Harbor Fire, Stu Marckoon

There were no injuries reported in connection with the fire and no damage to the nearby lighthouse.

It's not been determined yet what will be done with what remains of the structure.

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