It's a sad day for all of us who have enjoyed this spot over the years.

In a Facebook post today, Finn’s Irish Pub, located at 156 Main Street, right in the heart of Downtown Ellsworth, Maine, has decided to close its doors for business, after 13 years as a part of the community.

Their website described the pub as a "Colorful hangout with a relaxed vibe offering brews & traditional Irish food with a twist."

As you can imagine, long-time customers and fans, are weighing in with their thoughts:

Tim Maddocks
I’ve enjoyed many a good dinner there. You will be missed.

Lisa Worster Curtis
Sorry to hear

Dori Meservier
Your Irish nachos were one of my most favorite things! You will be missed!! I would love to have that salsa/pico recipe if you’re willing to share!

Dannie Bickford
Nooo!!! I just tried it here a couple weeks ago and I had the best food and service I’m so sorry to read this

Brenda St Amand
Oh no. We enjoyed our trips there. Food was excellent and staff was pleasant.

Aretta Lynn Carter
So unexpectedly!
Please come back...

Linda K Eaton
This is so sad to read. We will certainly miss the place that has such a warm spot in our hearts.

Sandra McKechnie Moses
So sorry to hear to you.

Christine Jordan
Very sorry to learn you've closed. We will surely miss going there.

Charlotte Cote
Oh no! I love eating there I look forward to it every time I’m in Ellsworth

Kait Hansen
WHAAAAT?! This is our favorite restaurant for miles & miles!!! It’s always packed, us nurses ordered lunch there like once a week - & there was no notice??? This is crazzzzy

Ann Elizabeth
Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear this.

Jenn Lynne Freeman
This is so heartbreaking.

Susan Trainor
So sorry to hear this...please come back.

Stacey Nickless
oh nooo!!!!! we love Finns every time we go to Ellsworth we make it a point to eat sorry

Laurie Ross
Oh nooooo !!!

Catherine Emerson
So sorry to hear this!!

Jean Stratton Scholes
So sorry to hear this

Aidan Pasha
There are no words which even those who walk upon the stage can utter to convey the sorrow of this news.

Karen Nickerson Clarkson
Sorry to hear this

Mary Maez
So sad …

Twilla Manheim
Breaks my ❤

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