Plus, meet Rebecca Hatt - a Gold Award Girl Scout.


You gotta meet Rebecca. She's an incredible 16-year-old Sophomore from Biddeford and has been a Girl Scout for about 11 years. She is a Gold Award Girl Scout. That is the Girl Scouts highest and most prestigious award. Her Gold Award Project is called Embracing Community Arts (ECA). She found a lack of access in her community to literature and the arts because of socioeconimic status and other limiting factors - only made worse by the pandemic.

Rebecca Hatt

Her project focused on making resources for literature, dance lessons and art supplies available for students in the community. She delivered art supplies alongside Biddeford School's own food distribution and delivery network. She also made online dance classes available. She delivered 740 books and art kits and had 100 students in virtual dance and art classes.

Her project also was the Distinguished Finalist in the 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Rebecca received the Girl Scout Silver Award for her troop's Project Confidence that she spearheaded in middle school, raising money for and collecting feminine protection for women experiencing homelessness in her community. She was a 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community awards Maine State Honoree for this project.

Oh and Rebecca is also on the Girl Scouts of Maine Board of Diectors and Global Action Team...and remember - she's 16!

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Now - let's get you the info on the cookies so you can buy a ton of them and keep these programs going so that other 'Rebeccas' have the chance to change the world.

  • Connect with a local Girl Scout from your community. Ask friends and family if they know a girl you could support. You can order through her digital link and pay upfront to have 100% contactless Girl delivery or have your cookies shipped to your door.
  • Starting April 1st find a cookie booth and enter your zip code.
  • GrubHub delivery is also available April 1-25 within 15 miles of the South Portland Girl Scout office.
  • Instead of the Maine Mall, the cookie booth will be set up on weekends at the South Portland Girl Scout office through April.  138 Gannett Drive
  • Not a fan of the cookies or on a diet, but still want to help? You can do a cookie share and the cookies are distributed to local food pantries through a partnership with Wayside Food Programs.
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Get your cookies - they are delicious and help so many girls in Maine.



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