We don't even want to think about it yet.

But here we are, talking about winter already.  Maybe we should remember where we left the snow shovel and begin to think about changing the oil in the snow blower.  Then, there's the plow guy.  Guess we ought to think about taking out another loan of some sort so that we can pay him.

The Farmers' Almanac has recently given us their prediction for the upcoming winter of 2021-22, and they're giving it a "flip-flop" moniker because it "might be a little too frosty for some and not enough flip-flop for others."

Using a proprietary formula that looks at many astronomical factors, the folks at the Almanac are predicting the usual amount of snowfall from coast to coast, but warning us that one month may be much different than the next.

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For instance, here in the northeast, January will start out mild but will then turn cold and stormy.  February will be much quieter here in Maine at least to start out with, and then we can expect a "winter whopper" towards the end of the month.

Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting "near to somewhat-below normal temperatures across the eastern-third of the nation", so it looks like a typical winter in Maine when it comes to that.  Better forget about the backyard barbecue and call the furnace guy and to get that ready for the season.

Farmers' Almanac image
Farmers' Almanac image

Anyway, we all know that weather meteorologists usually keep their figures crossed that their predictions come true for tomorrow much less months down the road.  So, the old saying holds true when it comes to the weather along with a variety of other things in life - believe it when you see it.

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