Living in a Compound

The desire to live in a compound with friends and family has been a hot topic as of late. This transpires from none of us being able to afford the cost of living, so a community living arrangement is attractive. When this idea is flirted with, it’s mostly in regard to affordable living spaces, not a multi-million dollar estate. But, it doesn’t hurt to look at different options even if we can’t really afford them.

Family Compound for Sale in Bar Harbor, Maine

Sitting right on Frenchman Bay in Hull’s Cove in Bar Harbor is a private estate listed by LandVest, Inc. for a whopping $11.2 MILLION. That is a LOT of money.

Located at 45 Milliken Road, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, the private estate comes with so much space and so many perks that it very well may be worth the multi-millions of dollars it cost to live there. The property sits on 10 acres of land with 1,000+ feet of waterfront access and has four homes: The main home, two additional homes, and a guest apartment attached to one of the garages.

There is so much to ooh and awe over this place, from its views of the water, walking paths through a private registered wildlife preserve, built-in yard games, massive fire pit, multiple porches and decks, private garden and greenhouse, the list goes on and on.

Bar Harbor is one of the most beautiful and scenic spots in the entire state of Maine, conveniently located within a driving distance of our main attractions and views. Having a private estate you can live with those you love most is a dream come true.

Have you ever thought about living in a compound? Do you know who you would want to live with? This would be an incredible experience, just check this place out:

Family Compound for Sale in Bar Harbor, Maine Worth The $11.2 Million

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