Why don't we have an IKEA in Bangor?  Or at least within 2 hours of us?  Maybe it's on the horizon as a future Stillwater Ave business or maybe take a spot in the increasingly vacant Mall.

Well, if you are willing to take a four hour trek to our closest IKEA in Stoughton, Massachusetts and have a bun in the oven then you could snag yourself a huge discount on an IKEA crib!  But first, you need to pee on an ad.

The ad, featured in a Swedish magazine called Amelia, works similarly to your $10 at-home pregnancy test in which antibodies bind to the pregnancy hormone hCG creating a color change on the test strip.  Instead of a stick, however, the test strip is printed on the paper of a magazine ad.

Once exposed to urine containing the pregnancy hormone, the ad reveals the IKEA family price of the crib which is a huge discount from the normal price.

Credit: Still from Adweek.com video
Credit: Still from Adweek.com video

The workings of this ingenious concept comes from the Swedish marketing agency Åkestam Holst who have done work for IKEA in the past.

Teaming up with Mercene labs makes this ad more than just your typical ad and has made advances in testing that could beyond a marketing campaign for widely accessible diagnostic possibilities.

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