Get ready, because the super blood wolf moon will be ready to rock on January 20! And, no, that's not the name of a new cool metal band, but it could be...

What's really happening is a total lunar eclipse. A total eclipse typically happens every few years, but what's cool about this one is the "reddish copper color" the moon will have that will also tone down the brightness of the moon in the night sky, making the stars appear even brighter, according to an article by News Center Maine.

As long as the weather is mostly clear that night, the color should be brightest around about 20 minutes before midnight in Portland, but you can check the exact timing of the eclipse, according to

So plan to grab your binoculars or telescope and hideaway from the street lights on the 20th. And maybe if we're lucky "Super Blood Wolf Moon" will be debuting with some killer music soon!

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