Here we go again. But will this new plan be more appealing to the people of Maine? It looks like efforts to create an energy corridor are underway yet again here in Maine.

After Maine voters rejected the building of the CMP corridor last fall, which eventually led to a halt and dissolution of the nearly-completed project, MPBN is reporting a new overseas business has entered the picture and is looking to try to build a second transmission line in the state.

Maine Energy Corridor Signed Agreement

According to MPBN, there has been an agreement signed on the matter by the CEO of the business entity, called Convalt, with the Katahdin Region Economic Development Corp. and the Lincoln Lakes Innovation Corporation. This time around, the transmission line is set to begin in the Katahdin region and run 400 miles south into parts of New England.

Energy is looking to be sourced from solar, biomass, and waste-to-energy processes. If the current plan is executed, it is said that this energy center could create thousands of jobs in the Millinocket area. This project is being supported by former Maine Congressman Mike Michaud, who now chairs the board at the Katahdin development agency.

How Will This Corridor Be Different Than The CMP Corridor?

The new plan for this corridor is expected to run along already existing roads and transmission lines instead of building whole new plots of transmission area that require seizing of private and public lands.  Additionally, energy would be produced and used here in the state of Maine as well as our southern neighbors in New England.

Also, the fact that Central Maine Power isn't behind this project, an entity that many customers are not fond of already, is another reason that this project may be more accepted by Mainers.

Additional Portions of the Project

A portion of the plan includes the possibility of repurposing an old East Millinocket mill that will serve as a solar panel recycling center.

It is stated that this project will take seven years to complete with the goal of being American-made energy run by and facilitated to Americans.

How Will Mainers Take This New Plan?

Taking us back to the CMP Corridor debate, a few of the issues with this project look to be resolved in this new plan. But, one thing still remains, how will Mainers feel about another foreign business at the helm of creating another transmission line in their state? It is estimated that this project will take seven years to execute so, Mainers will have some time to think about it.

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