Ellsworth area residents can help make a difference this weekend.

Like all of us, Daron Goldstein and his wife Joy, who are the owners of Provender Kitchen & Bar, located at 112 Main Street in Ellsworth, are concerned for those suffering in the Ukraine, as this conflict with Russia is about to enter its second full week.

They have come up with an idea to contribute to the hungry there in the best way they know how. This upcoming weekend, Provender Kitchen & Bar will donate 15% of all dinner sales in an effort to feed all in need there.

Darren posted the following statement on their Facebook page

“It's been devastating to watch and read about all of this horror one the past week, and as a parent its especially difficult to watch these families in such devastating pain. All of this is tragic and I don't really have the words”

If you are already planning on joining then for a meal this weekend, you are already helping. If you are not able to make it to Ellsworth, you can also contribute by visiting that goes directly to the World Central Kitchen website.

Provender will be open Friday:11:30 AM - 8:30 PM and Saturday:11:30 AM - 8:30 PM

On a lighter note, Daron and his wife invited Todd Simcox and myself, to be judges for the Chefs of Maine English Muffin Pizza Throw Down, almost exactly one year ago, and we had a great time. Provender Kitchen & Bar is a fantastic locally owned Ellsworth business, so if you can make it, do your part for this important cause this upcoming weekend.

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