You knew something social media-y was gonna get in on Super Bowl fever and now it's here.  Get your stretchy pants on and do your stretches because Eagles fans have challenged all of you Patriots fans to a Touchdown Dance Challenge.


These two ladies are representing the Eagles in this challenge, despite being from New Jersey.  They are a part of a radio station, SoJO 104.9, on the YouTube.  Their video explanation says it all:

If you're a New England Patriots fan, listen up! Here in South Jersey we're all about celebrating Eagles touchdowns, so we challenged our friends up north to a dance off.

Let's examine their dance so we can improve upon this and make it our (VICTORIOUS) own:

1.  SO(ar losers)ARING EAGLE

Credit: still from SoJO via YouTube


Credit: still from SoJO via YouTube


Credit: still from SoJO via YouTube


Credit: still from SoJO via YouTube

Now, of course, we represent New England.  And not only New England but the NORTHERN-MOST OF NEW ENGLAND.  We are neck deep in Patriot fandom and must appease the Patriot gods with some pretty bangin' TD dance moves.  Get to it, Patriot Nation!!!!!  Let's see 'em.

Maybe, it's this easy....

Credit: still shot via YouTube, Funny Commercials