Ready for 12 hours of scary fun for the whole family? This is the event for you!

The Ghoulsport Festival is coming to Bucksport for a full day of Halloween fun, on Saturday, October 23rd, from 10 am-10 pm.

A full day of activities will take place in Downtown Bucksport, including a Paranormal Parade, Trunk-Or-Treat, food & craft vendors, a Halloween dance, ghost stories, and a ton of games and activities for kids of all ages.

The Buck Memorial Library will be doing Halloween stories for the kids, at 10:30 am, 11:30 am, and 1:30 pm. They will also have crafts for the kids and a little treat bag to hand out!

Also, on October 23, you can get your picture taken with Dracula. Dracula stands tall at 6'3", his favorite color is black and he loves candy and his favorite part of the body is the neck.

All ghosts and goblins attending the Ghoulsport Halloween Festival are invited to come to Sweet Cheeks Bakery, between 10am and 3pm that day, to receive a special sweet treat! Make sure the kids have their costumes on.

Here is the full list of Ghoulsport events:

  • Pictures with the Sanderson Sister from Hocus Pocus- 9 am-1 pm at Bayside Beauty
  • Paranormal Parade 10 am-11 am- at the Bucksport Town Office
  • Ghost Stories 10:30am/11:30am/1:30pm- At the Buck Memorial Library
  • Pictures with Dracula & T-Rex 12 pm-5 pm -At The Bucksport Gazebo
  • Trunk-Or-Treat 1 pm-4 pm -Bucksport Town Parking Lot
  • Halloween Dance 7 pm-11 pm -Orland Community Center

Bucksport is of course famous for the Cursed Tomb of Colonel Buck. The "tomb" of the town's founder, Colonel Jonathan Buck, features a mysterious stain, which is the image of a woman's stocking-clad foot, or maybe a boot. The leg stain on the memorial, according to legend, came about when Colonel Buck burned a witch and her leg rolled out of the bonfire. Knowing all that, having a day of fun before Halloween sounds like a good time.

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