Tis' the season to enjoy Christmas lights!!!

Just about everyone puts up Christmas decorations and light displays when the holidays come around, but some people take it next level. Like Clark Griswold level.

Starting Friday, November 25th, and running until the end of 2022, there will be a light display in Ellsworth that you can enjoy from the comfort of you vehicle.

A Drive-Thru Holiday Light Display at Woodlawn, located at 19 Black House Drive in Ellsworth, is free, and sponsored by Darling's Auto Mall.

The show starts nightly when it gets dark (which unfortunately is at 4:30 thanks Daylight Saving Time) It runs from 4pm-9pm each day.

Here are the dates the event will take place:

Friday, November 25th 4pm-9pm
Saturday, November 26th 4pm-9pm
Sunday, November 27th 4pm-9pm
Monday, November 28th 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, November 29th 4pm-9pm
Wednesday, November 30th 4pm-9pm
Thursday, December 1st 4pm-9pm
Friday, December 2nd 4pm-9pm
Saturday. December 3rd 4pm-9pm
Sunday, December 4th 4pm-9pm
Monday, December 5th 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, December 6th 4pm-9pm
Wednesday, December 7th 4pm-9pm
Thursday, December 8th 4pm-9pm
Friday, December 9th 4pm-9pm
Saturday, December 10th 4pm-9pm
Sunday, December 11th 4pm-9pm
Monday, December 12th 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, December 13th 4pm-9pm
Wednesday, December 14th 4pm-9pm
Thursday, December 15th 4pm-9pm
Friday, December 16th 4pm-9pm
Saturday, December 17th 4pm-9pm
Sunday, December 18th 4pm-9pm
Monday, December 19th 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, December 20th 4pm-9pm
Wednesday, December 21th 4pm-9pm
Thursday, December 22nd 4pm-9pm
Friday, December 23rd 4pm-9pm
Saturday, December 24th 4pm-9pm
Sunday, December 25th 4pm-9pm
Monday, December 26th 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, December 27th 4pm-9pm
Wednesday, December 28th 4pm-9pm
Thursday, December 29th 4pm-9pm
Friday, December 30th 4pm-9pm
Saturday, December 31st 4pm-9pm

Don't miss the fun in Ellsworth, starting November 25th. Happy Holidays!

Listeners Show Us Their Beautiful Christmas Tree Displays

With the holiday season upon us, it seemed like the perfect time to have our listeners show us their Christmas trees and decorations, and boy did they ever. Enjoy these creative and festive displays! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all. We received so many photo submissions, you can bet we will have another fun photo album coming your way soon,

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