The main character of a book inspired by the true tale of his time lost on Mt. Katahdin when he was on 12 years old, has passed away at 90 years old.

For nearly two weeks, 12-year-old Fendler struggled to survive on Maine's tallest mountain alone. Many Mainers have read the story inspired by the amazing strength Fendler had and many even know him personally as he has made many public appearances at special events as well as visiting and signing books for hundreds of Maine school students.

Film maker Ryan Cook has been gathering information on Fendler's journey for years in hopes of making a movie out of the adventure. During this time Cook became very close with kind-hearted Fendler. Cook announced his passing Monday (10/10) in the evening in the video below.

Fendler and his twin brother Ryan Fendler celebrated their 90th birthday September 4th with friends and family.

Even if you never knew him, many feel they did after reading his story. I personally think of him when I am near Baxter and he was an inspiration for me when I was struggling to get to the top of the Mountain. He will be missed by Mainers and more. Below is a video of Fendler with Cook from August of this year.