This week another Super Bowl Commercial Teaser was released, and this one seems to take aim at well-known snack mascot, Mr. Peanut!

The teaser starts out with a clip of three friends (Mr. Peanut, Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes--I know, an interesting combination from the get go) on what looks to be a road trip in the Peanut-mobile? Can we call it that? Now, if you read the fine print at the beginning of the ad, you'll see it says right there "Don't drive like a nut." Because apparently, if you drive like a nut, you'll have a terrible accident and end up hanging precariously from a breaking tree branch.

What's got people talking about this particular ad though isn't the fact that Wesley Snipes is buds with the Planters mascot, but that Mr. Peanut seems to die in the ad! He sacrifices himself for his buddies and plummets to what we assume is his death. And at the end of the spot, we're met with nothing but a silhouette with the words "Mr. Peanut" and the dates "1916-2020."

What the...

Did they seriously kill off our beloved monocled legume?!

I guess we will have to watch and see if there's any resolution, or if this is, indeed, the end!

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