Disneyland's official Instagram and Facebook pages went from family-friendly to NSFW when they were hacked early Thursday (June 7).

During the hack, Disneyland's social media pages were flooded with a series of posts that included foul language and racist slurs.

A Disneyland spokesperson confirmed that the accounts “were compromised early this morning.”

The highly offensive posts have since been removed.

"We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts and our security teams are conducting an investigation," the spokesperson said.

Four posts first appeared on the theme park's Instagram account around 4:30AM local time. In one caption, someone claiming to be a "super hacker" wrote they were taking revenge on the theme park, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The hacker's motive for "revenge" is still unclear.

While the hacker had access, they used their time to share racist and homophobic slurs. One post referenced the "release" of another strain of COVID-19.

Some screenshots from the incident have since surfaced online. See below:

Offensive as the content posted during the hack was, many found humor in the situation:

This is hardly the first time Disneyland has seen trouble. Earlier this summer, guests were forced to evacuate the Haunted Mansion after the ride broke down.

Prior to that, a Spider-Man Animatronic crashed through a building. During the malfunction, Spider-Man went rigid, flopping end over end before crashing into the side of a nearby building.

The Instagram account for the park, located in Anaheim, Calif., has 8.4 million followers and regularly posts photos from attractions at the park and photos of guests, including families and young children.

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