Get the word out to help out Hermon High School student Danyon Parsons!

Permission Via Dinner For Danyon Facebook
Permission Via Dinner For Danyon Facebook

This Friday March 3rd, there will be a fundraiser at the Bangor Denny's 120 Haskell Rd. in Bangor. The staff will be taking all tips that day between 4-8pm and donating them to Danyon Parsons and his family.

Danyon is a smart, caring, funny, 15 year old with a big heart and desire to make people laugh. He is a sophomore at Hermon High School, an honor roll student, is a member of the chess team, and is a cadet in the JROTC program. He is an incredible big brother to his 4 siblings and cares for them beyond measures.

Here is a timeline of Danyon's illness:

11/10/16 Danyon was at a chess practice when he became confused. He was taken to St Joseph Hospital and CT scans revealed a brain mass. He was transferred EMMC where more testing concluded a temporal parietal lobe tumor that caused increasing seizure activity.

He was referred to Boston Children's Hospital and made several trips for more imaging of his brain & spine and to prepare for surgery.

12/5/16 Danyon underwent a 10 hour tumor resection surgery at Boston Children's Hospital. The days following surgery were very rough for him due to pain, high level of aphasia, and right sided peripheral vision loss. He was able to return home the following weekend as each day was better than the day before. In home speech and occupational therapy sessions are 3 times a week as well as neurology and oncology follow ups.

12/16/16 During the follow up with the oncologist, devastating news was received. Danyon has been diagnosed with high grade infiltrative glioma- aggressive brain cancer, a form rare in pediatrics.

Danyon's battle has gotten longer and harder. He began radiation for 5 days a week for 6 weeks beginning in early January, so make sure you come out have dinner and support Danyon and his amazing family!!!

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