The shoe's aren't that old, but the store was established in 1832!

The other day while driving through quaint, downtown Belfast I noticed something I'd never noticed before! Above Colburn Shoe Store there is a sign that says 'Oldest Shoe Store in America est. 1832'. I thought; 'wow is that true?!' After some research it seems that it is!!

There is one other store in Indiana called 'Stout's' that claims they are the oldest shoe store in America, but their est. date is 1875. If the dates are correct then it is clear who the oldest shoe store in America is.

It's Colburn Shoe Store! The sign that says so is located over the store name near the second floor windows! You can't miss it (if you are looking for it) as you drive down Main St.!

According to their website:

At Colburn Shoe Store we are proud of our past and still reflect the image of a small, old-fashioned shoe store. Unlike outlets or self-service shoe stores, we take the time to give our customers the service that makes us what we are...the Oldest Shoe Store in America.

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