An outdoor fire seems like just the ticket right now.

I'm lucky in that the house we bought a few years ago already had this ginormous fire pit in the back yard. Every year as soon as the snow melts, my wife and I can't wait to get back to having fires out back. We tend to gather up all the fallen branches and twigs and have some pretty epic spring burn piles. It's awesome.

Photo by Gavin Van Wagoner on Unsplash
Photo by Gavin Van Wagoner on Unsplash

But being the daughter of a fire fighter, my wife is constantly saying when we can and can't burn in the yard. She's wildly conscious of embers getting away from us on the breeze and starting a blaze out in our woods. And right now, that's a pretty big deal. Maine Forest Rangers have been on the case for days.

Conditions around the state are prime for wildfires right now.

If you visit the Maine Forest Rangers Facebook page, there are several posts about various fires they've had to deal with in the last few weeks. They've been utilizing every resource at their disposal to battle these fires as well. From the ground, on foot, from the air... They've done everything imaginable to keep us safe.

Different areas are worse than others. This map from the Maine Forest Service shows up north, there's still a lot of snow cover, so it's lower. Around here, there's still some snow and mud, making things a little better. But only as far south as Ellsworth, and you see the danger rise dramatically. So don't get lulled into thinking we're safer here in the middle of the state.

There's also no substantial rain in the forecast to help offset the danger. So you may want to really think about what you decide to burn in the yard and when. Fire fighters at the local and state level already have enough to do. we can all roast some marshmallows later. I like mine extra burnt. But not the lawn...

Only you can prevent... you know what. I don't want to get sued.

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