Crews working on Hammond street in Bangor discovered a little Bangor history buried below the asphalt.

The Bangor Water District shared some interesting history on social media recently. Crews excavating for new water lines on Hammond Street uncovered old wooden water mains. When we say old, we mean old. According to the post social media, the water mains predate the lines crews are working to replace, which were installed between 1910 and 1915.

These wooden water mains were dug up when there was a fire and drilled into to supply water. A plug was then hammered into the hole thus the nickname "plug" for a hydrant was born.

I hard to believe when a fire broke out, firefighters would have to dig up their water supply to knock down a blaze. Also, wooden water mains?

Old water mains aren't the only thing hidden below Bangor. Tunnels, trap doors, and secrets lie beneath the surface of the historic Queen City.

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