I love the Rocky movies. And now I love the Creed movies, too. First Ryan Coogler and now Steven Caple Jr. did a tremendous job of updating the classic boxing franchise for a new generation — while at the same time maintaining all kinds of links to the old films. Both Creed and Creed II feature a ton of references to the six Rocky movies. Lines get repeated, famous images are recreated, and plotlines get dusted off and reimagined in new and unexpected ways.

Below we’ve assembled a list of 10 of our favorite Rocky Easter eggs hidden in Creed II. We left out the really obvious stuff — everyone knows that when Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago says “I must break you” that comes directly from his part in Rocky IV — to focus on the deeper cuts that you might have missed. In our upcoming interview with Caple, we talked about the references in the film, and he confirmed all the ones on the list — and even revealed one or two others we had previously missed. Also, keep in mind there will be some SPOILERS for the Rocky and Creed movies.

Creed II is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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