A Cornish man faces charges for allegedly threatening his grandparents with a knife and a vase.

According to the BDN, 21-year-old Brandon Gignac was upset Sunday night because his phone battery wasn't charged and he couldn't find his headphones. Police say he allegedly threatened to hit his grandmother in the face with a vase and then threatened both grandparents with a knife.

The couple gathered their pets and left their Limington Road home, flagging down a sheriff's deputy. They told the deputy their grandson, who lived with them, was making threats and wrecking the house. According to the BDN, a similar incident happened over the summer, which resulted in significant damage to the house.

While the couple was speaking with the deputy, another family member called 911 and said Gignac allegedly tried to break into their residence. They had locked the door to keep him out,

Gignac is charged with domestic violence terrorizing and is scheduled to make a court appearance in March. There was no bail set since he's charged with a domestic-violence-related crime.

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