It's hot out and there are certain dog breeds that need more precautions to stay healthy in the heat.

In a recent report published by Scientific Reports, dogs of certain breeds are more likely to get heat stroke due to their larger size or facial features.

Dogs with certain head shapes and shorter muzzles may have more difficulty cooling down due to the less surface area to allow for evaporative heat loss as well as more narrow nasal passageways, disrupting the amount of air they can take in to be able to pant and cool down.

Also included are dogs of bigger breads, such as the Golden Retriever.  These are dogs that can weigh 110 pounds and more.

Older dogs and overweight pups are also at risk for heat stroke.

Lookout for excessive panting, vomiting, lots of drooling, bloody diarrhea and fainting as signs of heat stroke in your dog.  If these signs go on for more than 15 minutes it is advised to take your dog to your vet.  The goal is to keep their core temperature below 107 degrees fahrenheit.  Above these internal temperatures there is another risk for blood clots.

Avoid heat stroke in your dog by keeping them away from hot and humid environments and keeping them less active.  And, be sure to keep your pup hydrated throughout the day.

Here's a look at a list of dog breeds that are at higher risk for heat stroke.  Be sure to contact your vet if you have concerns of your dog being effected by heat stroke.


Dog Breeds At Higher Risk of Heat Stroke

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