Caribou native and NASA astronaut, Jessica Meir, welcomed her first child to the world.

Jessica Meir Welcomes Baby Daughter

Meir posted a video to her Twitter page on International Women’s Day and announced the birth of her daughter.

Watch the Video with Photos and Captions

In the clip, she shows photos of her pregnancy and captioned it saying, “This is what an astronaut looks like." Another picture is Meir with other astronauts and she writes, “We come in all shapes and sizes.” The video goes on to show Meir training for a trip to the moon. She posts in the clip, “If you didn’t notice, my shape changed considerably last year.”

Shout-Out to Rihanna and Serena Williams

Meir also included photos of Rihanna and Serena Williams in the video and said, “Feeling inspired by the trailblazers who continue to crush their careers while balancing a family.” Meir added, “The sky is not the limit. Welcoming this new chapter in my life’s story. But fear not. Despite a pause in my training. My sights remain set on future missions to explore for her and all humankind.”

Historical Spacewalks in 2019

Meir reached a huge milestones with her historical spacewalk with astronaut Christina Koch. In 2019. They did the first all-female spacewalk. She spent 205 days total on the International Space Station. Meir will also be one of the first women to go to the moon if she is selected for the upcoming mission.

Two Mainers in Space

Another first in space was when Mainer and NASA astronaut and Navy Seal Chris Cassidy from York joined Meir & crew aboard the International Space Station for a joint mission in April 2019. It marked the first time two Mainers have ever been in space at the same time.

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