No matter where you travel, there will always be signs for places that you pass that are hard to pronounce. It doesn't matter if it is a town, city, lake, river, or mountain, someone that is either driving through, visiting, or new will mispronounce the name.

I know that even I have fallen victim to mispronouncing a place. I sometimes see some names of towns that are about 13 letters in length and have no idea how to pronounce them. I know that many places are not just letters thrown together so that the location has a name, but man, some of them make it difficult to even sound out.

Places in New England are no exception. My partner just moved to Maine from Florida, and I am not going to lie, it was amusing to hear him try to pronounce some cities on the drive up North (granted I still struggle with correctly pronouncing "Kissimmee" after living in Florida for two years). You see it all over, people trying to correctly say a location's name, and sometimes we correct them, other times we either get annoyed or just laugh.

New Englanders know how to correctly pronounce the places close to them. There are a lot of videos out (especially on Tik Tok) on how to pronounce places in New England. Some of the attempts to pronounce are just cringeworthy.

I asked New Englanders to tell me some of the most common places in New England that they hear get mispronounced. The results are in.

28 Commonly Mispronounced Places in New England

No matter where you travel to, there are places with some hard to pronounce names. New Englanders have spoken, these are the most commonly mispronounced places in New England.

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