The comedian seen on Comedy Central in 'Important Things with Demetri Martin" is coming to Maine in April.

He does everything from sketch comedy (jokes with drawings) to musical comedy! His humor is sometimes dry and his one liners are genius! You can't miss this comedian at the State Theater, April 28th!

You may have seen Martin on Comedy Central working with the Daily Show or his stand up act ' the time'. He is a master of Deadpan humor, in which the comedian is intentionally dry, blunt, sarcastic, or just sounds unintentional. Basically his punchlines are sometimes subtle but if you catch it, hilarious.

Tickets are now on sale on Ticketmaster here. The show is in Portland at the State Theatre, 609 Congress St. The show begins at 8PM.

His CD 'These Are Jokes' is available where CD's are sold and you can get a sample below.

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