This very thought actually occurred to me this weekend.

I was out on the highway this weekend going to and fro, and as I passed my dollar over to the person at one of the toll booths, I wondered what happened to all the coin buckets from back in the day. I grew up in the era of the bucket, and used to take great pleasure in chucking my change into the void, hoping that I counted right.

This past weekend, I just handed my money to an actual person, that looked as puzzled as to why they were taking my money. I feel like toll booth workers are counting the days until their sadly marginalized completely and phased out in favor of a fully digital toll system. But for now, I always just offer a smile and try to be as polite as possible.

One Mainer though, really felt this was a burning issue and took to social media.

A person on Reddit posted this very thing just a few days ago. In this case, it wasn't so much about curiosity, as it was convenience. But as many other Redditors were quick to point out, it's not even convenient anymore. The poor person was just eaten alive by the comment section. Some folks pointed out the convenience of EZ Pass. Others told the OP to stay off the highway, haha.

Others reminded this person that when there were coin buckets, the tolls were pennies, not dollars. I remember when the Gardiner Toll was $.35 to pass through. I think back then the York Toll was a buck. There are stretches of I-95 near the Lewiston area where the toll is almost $4. Same in York. Do you carry a roll of quarters for tolls?

Sure, it was convenient back then, but get with the times! Between the cost of tolls, and the digital technology that makes it even faster then the bucket, some things just should go away. If as much care was spent to paying attention behind the wheel, instead of worrying about coin buckets, Maine's highways would be safe as can be.

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