In the interest of stemming the spread of COVID-19, the city of Bangor has issued emergency restrictions on which businesses need to close down, temporarily.

As of Sunday, there are only two confirmed cases of the illness in Penobscot County, so city and health officials are trying to get in front of it, before it spreads further. So the city of Bangor has issued an updated emergency regulation with prohibitions on businesses.

The regulation states that no auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, theater, gymnasium, fitness center, private club, movie theater, museum, dance club, music venue, adult entertainment facility, casino, gymnasium, yoga studio, or indoor cycling studio is allowed to be open while the city's state of emergency remains in effect.

Bars, restaurants, and dine-in facilities must also remain closed to dine-in traffic, but can continue to operate in delivery or 'take-out' fashion as long as customers do not enter the business, and the transfer of food or other product takes place outside the business.

In addition, no other establishment of any kind that sells or provides goods or services are allowed to remain open during the state of emergency, except for establishments that provide necessary goods and services. This includes grocery stores, health facilities, car repair shops, media outlets and others. A complete list of these businesses is available here.

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