We've all been on that flight from Hell — where something either goes wrong on the way to the airport, at the airport or on the aircraft (or god forbid, all of the above) — but have you ever had a flight completely turn around four hours in? That's what happened to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend the day after Christmas.

The couple was en route to Tokyo from Los Angeles when their pilot announced the plane would be turning around and landing back at LAX because the flight was stowing a passenger who wasn't supposed to be onboard. They were four hours in to their direct flight, which meant they were soaring over the Pacific Ocean.

Luckily, Teigen can always find the positive in any situation and immediately started tweeting:

The pregnant model and her crooner hubby spent eight hours and 20 minutes in the air, just to have to start the trek all over again. Other people began to get involved:

But Chrissy being Chrissy couldn't even be mad at the situation, tweeting "I don’t know why I’m not more upset about this. The pleasure I get out of the story is worth more to me than a direct flight to Tokyo."

The couple did indeed make it to Tokyo after all the literal up and down, and decided to stay in the city rather than take the connecting flight then driving to Nagoya, and from the sounds of it the couple couldn't be happier!

As always, thanks for the entertainment, Chrissy!

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