Our first taste of Chris Ross and the North's new album is here!

Over Lonesome is the next album from Chris Ross and the North. The group took to Facebook to show off the new tune. 'Just My Luck' has a stomping, rock n' roll flow to it. It straight-up ROCKS!

Anna Lombard and Gina Alibrio provide backing vocals on the track. They braved a blizzard to record their parts for the tune. They will make more appearances on the album.

The album was recorded at The Halo Studio in South Windham. The great Jon Wyman produced the album. He also worked with the group on their 2015 album, Young Once.

Chris Ross and the North will debut the new work with an album release show June 2 at The Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor. Tickets are on-sale now.

Over Lonesome is due out June 2.

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