We had a blast in Ellsworth last night!

Maine's Best English Muffin Pizza Contest 2021

The gorgeous Provender Kitchen & Bar, located at 110 Main Street, hosted a very cool event last night, in conjunction with The Chefs Of Maine. The English Muffin Pizza Throw Down, featured Chefs from Blaze Bangor, ME Craft Beer & Wood Fired Flavors / Coda Restaurant / Island Star Take Away /Josie's Country Store & Café / Provender Kitchen + Bar

The First-Ever Chefs Of Maine Event is the first of hopefully many to come. 5 Chefs from Hancock County, Maine. whipped up their best mini english muffin pizza pies to benefit Ellsworth's Loaves & Fishes-Food Pantry. Todd Simcox from WABI, and myself, and two other celebrity judges were lucky enough to be invited, and boy did we enjoy every bite, as did the sold out crowd at the restaurant. There were 90's throwback hip-hop jams played throughout the night and a variety of delicious beers and cocktails to wet your whistle.

And as you can imagine, Todd and I had a blast driving down Route 1A in the Z-107.3 cruiser, cracking jokes and hanging out. It was male bonding at it's worst.

Here is the menu we dined on:

Vagabond Chicken-Pulled chicken, bacon, roasted corn, ranch

Sweet Miss Piggy Got Smoked-Smoked brisket, candied bacon, ricotta, poblano pepper

Pie Hard-Cheddar, bacon, egg, onions

Cheesus Christ-Taleggio cheese, cream, black pepper, fresh black truffle

Legalize Marinara-Fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic ricotta, roasted pepper, parmesan sausage

The Cheesus Christ was the big hit of the night and the champion of the 1st Annual English Muffin Pizza Throw Down!

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